Professor Hrayr Berberoglu

Professor B offers seminars (Greater Toronto Area) to companies and interested parties at their residence on any category of wine, chocolates, chocolates and wine, olive oils, vinegars and dressings, at a reasonable cost. Please, contact him at List of Professor B`s books.

Professor Berberoglu accepts wines, liquors, liqueurs, and beers for sensory evaluation from Ontario wineries, distilleries, and breweries and agents of imported products. Products evaluated may or may not be featured in his articles published on this site.



Other News

world wide alcohol consumption

Present world wide alcohol consumption trends

Since the run of the century a trend of drinking less but high quality alcoholic beverages has developed in western industrialized countries. This has been achieved with careful marketing strategies of international beverage companies that own huge distilleries in several countries. Here are some statistics that may interest readers. (See […]

Craft Beer Brewing

Craft Beer Brewing in Ontario

True beer aficionados have known for a long time, that properly brewed beers offer more pleasure than North American mainstream beers. In Ontario Creemore was the first brewery that started brewing beers, and marketed its beer with the best before date prominently printed on the label. It was only available […]


A Sake Primer

Sake is the favourite alcoholic beverage of Japanese. Contrary to what most people believe, sake is brewed, although it looks completely unlike western style beer. Sake has become a trendy sipper, but there is more to its growing popularity than mere urban chic. Elegant, subtle and delicious chilled premium sake […]