Professor Hrayr Berberoglu

Professor B offers seminars (Greater Toronto Area) to companies and interested parties at their residence on any category of wine, chocolates, chocolates and wine, olive oils, vinegars and dressings, at a reasonable cost. Please, contact him at List of Professor B`s books.

Professor Berberoglu accepts wines, liquors, liqueurs, and beers for sensory evaluation from Ontario wineries, distilleries, and breweries and agents of imported products. Products evaluated may or may not be featured in his articles published on this site.



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Rare and Unique Liqueurs

Rare and Unique Liqueurs

Liqueurs were first produced in monasteries by abbots and their disciples as medicinal elixirs. Over time, thousands of liqueurs were concocted and used by both religious orders and bartenders. Millions like to enjoy their cup of coffee with a shot of their preferred liqueur, others choose to enjoy their liqueur […]


Ontario Cider

Canada is blessed with terroir to grow apples. From coast to coast, almost all provinces grow apples, especially Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia, followed by Nova Scotia and a few others. While cider can be from any fruit, (peach, berries, pears (perry in the United Kingdom), elderflower), cider is generally […]

Ontario’s Craft Beer Revolution

Ontario’s Craft Beer Revolution

To say that Ontario’s craft beer scene is on fire is an understatement. New breweries, brands, festivals and brewpubs come on stream weekly. Craft beer is in to the chagrin of multinationals that continue to churn out insipid suds! On September 15, Drink Inc. organized the first event of the […]